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About us

BRANDAS, Ltd is a company of agents, representatives and negotiators providing consulting and mediation services in furniture production, marketing, service and other commercial activities.

Company's vision is to become an internationally well accepted, respected, reliable, innovative, effectively operating partner of furniture producers and sellers of European countries.

Company's mission is to provide Scandinavian, Benelux countries and other European countries with quality furniture produced in Europe and to assure professional service.

Company‘s objectives:

  • to uphold long-term co-operative relationships with suppliers and clients;
  • to expand the circle of reliable partners;
  • to remain a dynamic company promptly accomodating to changes in the market;
  • to remain a socially reliable company;
  • to develop sales in Lithuania (2015 – 2017);
  • to become stronger in the market of Denmark (2015 – 2017).

Company‘s values:

  • Family;
  • Health;
  • Firm team;
  • Reliance;
  • Respect for humanity and nature;
  • Personal improvement;
  • Patience.

Company's activity range covers not only Lithuania but other foreign countries as well: Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany.